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@quiet on Twitter.
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'He's a good chap in his way. Serious.
Not one of those noisy bastards at the Continental.
A quiet American.'


commissions and work availability

Contact me for event recording, audio portraiture, and sound design by commission. I am interested in invitations to perform, lecture, compose, or present work.

CDRs are $108 (via PayPal and check) or barter, plus shipping, unless otherwise stated. You can also support my work through the purchase of a day of my life or a quiPod. See the order form for more information.

sampling and reuse

Rights for recordings in the one-minute vacation project and work provided by other artists for the quiet, please documentary are retained by their contributors; I cannot grant permission for their reuse. If you wish to use these recordings please contact contributing recordists directly.

All other work on this site is copyright Aaron Ximm, 1997-2011. But it is available for you to reuse under the following terms; as Bengt Hamedani recently reminded me, creativity is infectious.

Creative Commons License

Unprocessed recordings (such as those found in the field recordings section) and compositions (such as those found in the discography, related projects, and commisions sections) may be broadcast, sampled, or used in other non-commercial projects under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license.

Attribution should be to Quiet American, with a link to this site ( when appropriate and possible.

Longer excerpts, full-fidelity versions, and an extensive selection of as-yet unpublished materials may be available on request, as my time allows.

It's not a requirement, but I do appreciate copies of derivative works for my archives.

Commercial use is also possible but always requires negotiation; write me.

about aaron ximm

You can find a reasonably current CV here (PDF) or here (RTF).

I look like this.