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Although most of my energy these days is directed at my work with field recordings, I have occasionally dabbled in other recording projects. (And now that I've seen Once, I may pick up the guitar again as well!)

More for my friends and family than the casual browser, you nonetheless might be interested in some of the sound files here which are not directly related to the Quiet American project.


marincello unsoundwalk
rodeo soundial
handpans and the hang
as paredes têm ouvidos
flostam resonance #1
a day, a week, a year
field effects concert series annapurna: memories in sound
quiet, please

serendipity machines

urban cycles
other recordings

 miscellaneous recordings
accidental tourism5.9 MBAll the sound in this piece derives from a few milliseconds of 3 Trains. I accidentally selected a five millisecond sample from the middle of the piece, while my audio editor was configured to play back any selected range indefinitely. The resulting loop exhibited odd phasing and stereo panning artifacts. I was entraced by the analog synth-like effect and recorded the loop direct to MD while playing with my (virtual) mixer's equalization, track muting, and various simple processing effects, such as chorus. I . The final work is patched together from various samples of that track imported back onto the PC
mission lullaby 1.6 MBThe two vocal tracks were recorded in two independent takes; after M. went to bed I mixed them on top of one another and liked the results. She doesn't sanction distribution of this since they were just practice takes during which she was exploring melodic ideas, not even using the lyrics we were penning, but I like it, as a lullaby, as is.
otis (is a hound)2.3 MBAn old noodling bit, of interest only as the auteur can be heard in Barry White mode, while his wife waxes descriptive about their erstwhile roommate's titular pet.
malaysia2.2 MB

Adrift... Embryonic, but I like this hybrid of found sound and music, even if it's repetitive. Never completed.

mental state 4 MBFoghorns as the moon sets at 5am. Guitars fathered by Les Paul and raised by Steve Reich.
in a while11.1 MBBolts being manufactured from Vietnam (here) inspire a slowly changing landscape of crossrhythmic guitar lines. For those unconvinced of how computers expand a musician's palette, consider that all the guitar you hear in this piece was lifted from this recording. Perhaps I'm easily entertained. This piece hypnotizes me.