monkey pod

In July of 2002, sculptor Gina Telcocci asked me to compose a soundscape to accompany her work in a group show, Biophilia, at the New Mexico State Capitol Building in Santa Fe. The show was curated by Bobbe Besold as part of an ongoing series of installations and events at the capitol.

My soundscape, installed with a CD player and an unobtrusive speaker, accompanied Gina's sculpture Monkey Pod 2, which you can see in the photo below.

More of Gina's work can be seen here.

Monkey Pod 2 (Gina Telcocci)
Gina Telcocci's Monkey Pod 2 (2002)

For Monkey Pod, Gina initially approached me looking for natural sound; the theme of the show, a love of life in its many forms (and a concern about our relation to those forms) is a component of both of our work.

The composition I settled on is a quiet mix of ever-changing natural sound components, all taken from my recordings. Sound sources used included crickets, crows, streams, waves, thunder, insects, chickens, the dawn chorus of birds at Angkor Wat, etc. As with my recordings in general, the 'natural' is inescapably pervaded with the human presence: distant, perhaps, but recurring.

Initially I prepared the work for multiple playback devices, but it proved easier to install with a single deck.

This soundscape is available on CD.



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monkey pod


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Excerpt from a supporting soundscape for Gina Telcocci's sculpture Monkey Pod 2.