would you, would you?

On June 7, 2003, my sister Rachel married Greg Lambert in Seattle.

At the couple's request, I composed this piece to be the processional for their wedding: as it played, the family, the groom, and finally my sister Rachel walked into the uncharacteristically but perfectly perfect golden sunshine.

With all my love.



the other rooms
gauntánamo express

desert sun

the other side
on top of the world
what the thunder said
san francisco sauvignon
would you, would you?
invisible cities
deep creatures
vincent fecteau
monkey pod

The Beautiful Bride
Photo taken as part of my this project.

As Rachel hinted she'd like, this recording started with the panda-eating-bamboo recording found elsewhere on this site.

Other elements include Burmese bells; street work and a busker in Chongqing, China; ducks from Seattle's Golden Gardens park; waves and gulls from San Francisco; my roommate jhno's piano; frogs from Vietnam, cicadas from Cambodia, and children from all over; guitar players in Washington Square park; a casino in Biloxi, Mississippi... I'm sure there's more.

The requirements were simple. When I asked for the direction they'd like me to take, Rachel wrote me that 'happy, bubbly, silly, warm, sunny, beautiful, relaxed, laughing, panda-walking, joyful, misty-eyed, kind music will be fine.'

I did my best.

would you, would you? 14.6 MB

The track was composed to be exactly nine minutes, twenty-five and and 73/100 seconds long.