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moments in burma ( 2001 )
tessellation 1

3" CDR available, $108 or barter.

Composed from field recordings made in Burma (Myanmar).

A whistlestop tour of Burma for the headphone tourist. When I have the time, I will extend this into a full-length CD; in the meantime, a full-length version titlted 'Burmese Daze' is available which adds a second long teseelation track some thirty minutes long.

ten 22.1 MB An exercise in tessellation: mosaic or juxtaposition in a coherent pattern. Many things in Burma are recycled, so isolated is the country from the world. So: I took ten moments of sound as my puzzle pieces. A few edges meet. This premiered as my contribution to Field Effects, a night of live field recording art I hosted on December 14, 2001. Some of the moments: circumambulating a Buddhist paya; my wife thumping a hollow stalagtite; swinging in Rangoon; within an irrigiation cistern in Bagan; a walk through the dusk in the Shan state hills. (Composed with crossfades only: no additional processing, splicing, or manipulation.)
one 3.9 MB One of the moments considered above, echoing its neighbors, toured and scoured and reconfigured from the inside out. An exercise in palindromic composition.