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moorish idol ( 2000 )
echolocations volume 3

CDR available, $108 or barter.

Composed from field recordings made in Fiji.

Tourism vs. travel. The distiniction has to do with the difficulty
of shedding the skin of the everyday.
Day and night; tide in and out; singing in rounds; the sharing in a circle of kava: breathing.

For Bill Aul and his family.
first light 13.9 MB The slow oncoming of light on a humid morning. The first few nights we stayed on the island of Tavewa, we slept in a tent a dozen yards from beach. / Christian missionaries dramatically transformed the culture of Fiji. I have never heard a preacher with a more naturally compelling voice than this one, evangelizing in a park with a translator and a 25-watt amp.
post meridian 4.3 MB Afternoon light intimating another sunset. Wait for four o'clock tea and cake, take a walk to the school, or noodle on a partly strung guitar?
christmas 10.3 MB In 1957-58 the British conducted atmospheric nuclear testing in the South Pacific in the vicinity of Christmas and Malden Islands. Nearly 300 Fijian troops were exposed to these blasts. / While visiting Fiji we attended a session of the (since disolved) Parliament, during which support was voiced for a proposal to demand pensions for the exposed troops and their decendents, who are reasonably believed to be suffering health problems as a result.
kava 13.4 MB Kava drinking serves many purposes in Fiji. Prepared by pulverizing the root of a member of the pepper family, the drink has social and religious functions. Kava is shared in a group, with a common bowl passed from person to person, all served by the youngest. A tingle on the tongue. An easing into comradeship. Clap before you drink.
waking 13.1 MB The long, quiet process of return. The psychic transition from accepting as inevitable an environment, to leaving it. The dissolution of a way of being in the world that you have only borrowed. The reassertion of self as the hypnagogic tide strands you far from the waves. / Every night a set of guitar players would gather and play the same set of songs.