one-minute vacation
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fiji islands ( 1999 )

Field recordings made in Fiji.

Source sound for Moorish Idol.

Approximately 10 hours available.

the approach 1.9 MB Locking the door of our beachfront bungalow to drift toward the evening's festivities in the communal long house. Hard to belive, but this is not edited at all.
cane train 1 MB A sugar cane-laden train crosses our path. Cane is a major industry, as it was in Hawaii where I spent my highschool years.
clapping music 750KB We visited an elementary school on Beqa, a small outer island fortunate to have one. There the students sang a number of songs for us; in this one the rhythm is clapped loosely out.
david's place 1.3 MB The island band tunes and ponders. They were short on repetoire but high on everything right.
dawn 1.5 MB I happened to wake and instinctively begin recording inside our tent just before the birds began their morning counterpoint.
departing tavewa 2.2 MB The mercurial channel crossing from the limestone Yasawas, in Fiji's west. Hours of roaring diesel.
diver down 1.4 MB Dive boat clatter before our first early-morning dive. The diving in Fiji is breathtaking.
hello, joe 350KB I'm not sure why I include this snippet from a windy motor launch. The Joe in question was one of our divemasters and the charismatic son of a well-respected and kind parliamentarian, Bill Aul. Not long after we left Bill was taken hostage in a misguided coup.
joe 725 KB A different Joe entirely, this one the foreman of the cane processing plant heard in the background. He hailed my wife and was understandably more interested in her than me.
lizards 725 KB Forgive the poor quality; I cranked the gain on this one to make the guttural churrupings of the gecko-like lizards in the trees more audible. Recorded at night close to the water's edge.
mangrove cicadas 1 MB Walking across an island, we paused amid the mangroves for half an hour to listen to the rise and fall of the cicadas. This is the merest excerpt.
marlin bay band 825 KB We stayed a week on Beqa, home to the wonderful Marlin Bay resort. Several afternoons we sat with the band while they shared kava and songs.
night ashore 1.5 MB Indigo waves and crickets. The stars overhead.
no costumes 710 KB Comfortable chaos between songs at the elementary school mentioned above.
parliament 670 KB The precoup Parliament debates a measure to request reparations for Fijian troops exposed to nuclear testing around Christmas Island.
preacher's favorite 770 KB A snippet of a preacher and his translator broadcasting (through a boxy amp) in a park. The odd thrumming in the background is a bus driver revving his engine to attract passengers.
school days 710 KB Another song from Beqa elementary school.
shell shopping 1 MB Fellow tourists shell shop while the village weeds are wacked nearby.
silent night 680 KB The perils of mixing kava and cheap Fijian beer, kindly demonstrated by backpackers at our bargain resort.