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san francisco bay ( 1998 - 2001 )

Field recordings made around San Francisco.

Source sound for Maritime Suite.

Write to commission recordings and
audio portraits in the area.
año nuevo 1.3 MB Elephant seals and the humans gawking at them at Año Nuevo State Reserve.
atm 570 KB The last of my cash being withdrawn to pay for equipment to bring you these sounds in the convenience of your cubicle.
cable car 700 KB A cable car from downtown. The chain rattling after it departs is from the buried cableworks that pull the cars.
cafe 620 KB Regulars holding forth at a San Francisco cafe. Conversations involve the phrase "dot com" less frequently these days.
caltrain 700 KB

The cacaphony at a train crossing at the bottom of Potrero Hill.

cancun 700 KB My favorite vegetarian black bean and cilantro burrito, birthed by the experts at Taqueria Cancun in the Mission (the 19th Street location, of course).
carlos dicarlos 2.4 MB Mission busking regular and former Tom Waits sideman Carlos DiCarlos playing Robert Johnson.
construction 710 KB Market Street construction, as heard from a vast concrete plaza enclosed across the street.
embarcadero 1.2 MB Seagulls, forklifts, and a helicopter on San Francisco's developed downtown waterfront.
final call 250 KB For the ferry to Larkspur.
fog horns 1.1 MB As recorded from a nearby hilltop at moonset, around 5 AM.
fountain 950 KB Exploring a downtown fountain.
goat hall 710 KB Pausing beneath the open windows of a nearby community space. A class ... but for what?.
la rondolla 940 KB Merrymakers making merry in a popular Mexican restaurant and bar on Valencia Street.
marina ambiance 940 KB Sitting amid the berthed boats at San Francisco's marina.
muni brakes 150 KB As heard by terrified bikers and pedestrians. Muni is a local bus and rail system.
musee accordian 700 KB A player accordian, at the wonderful Musée Mechanique.
musee barbershop 1.3 MB An ancient animatronic barbershop quartet, and then a raunchy player piano, at the Musée Mechanique.
musee laughing sal 1.3 MB Laughing Sal, the outsized, wild-eyed (ani)matron who has terrorized children at the Musée Mechanique for generations.
obscura 1.4 MB Ambiance from within the endangered Camera Obscura above Seal Rock. Mostly the tape that sets the mood in the dark room.
playground 970 KB Recess at a nearby elementary school.
potrero soccer match 700 KB A local well-attended soccer match, from the sidelines, at the field near 16th and Potrero.
preacher 700 KB A street preacher holding forth on the corner of 16th and Mission, the heart of the north Mission.
protest 1.1 MB I believe this was an anti-INS protest passing by. The bells are from the Mission's ubiquitous ice cream carts.
scaring gulls 700 KB Disturbing the dozens of seagulls on the docks at San Francisco's marina.
shorebreak 700 KB At my favorite nude beach, a mere twenty minutes from the city.
sidewalk dining 700 KB The clatter from one of the city's many chic eateries.
skaters 700 KB Such acrobatics make me feel sedentary, old, and unfashionable. Which I am.
thunderstorm 1.4 MB It was a dark and stormy night.
transformer 1.3 MB The mysterious and intense hum from an equipment building near the Caltrain station.
typing 700 KB What I do, day in and day out, both vocationally and avocationally. People say that I am a fast typist.